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Marble tops maintenance Do’s and Dont’s


The Marble countertop is a beautiful addition to any part of the home. Today we want to focus on the most important room in the home. The kitchen is the focal point of the home. The family communes in the kitchen. Mom makes her famous chicken soup and dad’s famous bacon eggs breakfast fills the kitchen air on Sunday mornings.


This is making this part of the home beautiful and application. The kitchen marble countertops bring beauty class into the Kitchen. It is important to make sure that we take good care of this beautiful addition to the kitchen.


One of the main worries when working with food is staining. One of the ways to do this is by sealing the surface. The people who source the countertops for you are the best people to ask regarding which sealant would work best for you.


It is important to know which substances might damage your Marble. Things like citrus might cause damage to your marble countertops, make sure not to live them directly on the marble. It is also wise to use non-wood chopping boards on marble countertops.


The general rule to follow when working with marble is to use other materials on top of your marble countertops as a protective measure. Use coasters, mats, etc, To help you keep this surface in good shape. Keep your marble countertops clean, remove dust as often as you can.


When cleaning marble it is important to remember that you can’t use regular cleaning supplies like bleach or any other general kitchen or bathroom cleaners. Only use cleaners specifically made for this type of stone.


Clearly, Marble countertops are an investment, but we already knew this beauty wasn’t easy but it sure is worth it.


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