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How to play with colour in your kitchen!


Solid colours, such as white, grey or black may seem simple or safe but can be quite the style statement. The all white kitchen has been seen in the home for many years. It is surprisingly anything but simple.


The white creates the illusion of space. We all want a spacious kitchen. The all white kitchen is a classic way to this. If you already have a classic all-white kitchen and what to try out a new trend, worry not you can make simple changes and transform your space. The easiest way to do this is to choose a single bright colour to contrast the white.


A yellow, red or blue would be amazing choices. Replace some prominent appliances like kettles, microwaves and the likes. The all black kitchen is the gift that keeps on giving. Get different textures in blacks to create an interesting contrast.


If you would like to add more colour then the artwork is a great way to liven up any room, We don’t often see artwork such as paintings in the kitchen but when we have seen it done it is breathtaking, particularly if the backdrop is a solid colour.


Kitchen tiles are also an interesting way to bring colour into the kitchen, again bright colours are a good way to go. You can also Match your cabinet doors to the tiles for a complete look.


If you have glass cabinet doors, colour cups, glasses, and the likes are a good way to bring colour into the world. Light fixtures can be a great way to bring colour into the kitchen, greens and golds are perfect for these. Fresh flowers are more of a temporary way to brighten up the kitchen but they work very well.


One of our favourite ways of bringing colour to our favourite room in the kitchen are colourful cabinet door handles on colourful cabinets. For instance, navy blue cabinet doors with gold handles are a huge hit.


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