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Kitchen Style Ideas of 2019

Whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating an old one, it’s important to note that the design options are limitless, so take your time to find the style of kitchen that perfectly suits your lifestyle and preference. Actually, it’s not just lifestyle and preference that you need to take into account. There are loads of other things that should be thought about before making your decision.


Before you even enthusiastically start scouring the Internet for the best kitchen style ideas of 2019, you need to know how much you are willing to spend first. This wont be hard if you’ve already been saving up for the project for a few years, or if there’s finance available that you can on. Establishing a budget before delving into the vast ocean of kitchen designs can actually help you narrow down your choices, making selecting a kitchen style easier and more satisfying.



A rule of thumb in kitchen construction or renovation is to make sure that the new layout saves you more energy. If your old kitchen has the fridge, sink, and stove placed too far away from each other, the lighting you use is too bright or too dim, or there’s not enough storage space so all of your kitchen appliances and small utensils have to be placed on the countertop, then your kitchen layout needs modification.



While you are trying to cut cost and improve the efficiency of your kitchen, you’ll also want to make sure that you are not skimping on aesthetics. Pick the right paint and colours as well as decorative elements that can give your kitchen that relaxed, connecting feel you can’t experience in any other room in the house.



Another aspect of your kitchen construction or remodelling project that you shouldn’t skimp on is quality. Don’t settle for low-quality materials because they are cheaper – they will just deteriorate faster meaning you will need to renovate again sooner. Also, it should go without saying to use a professional kitchen remodelling company like East West Kitchens to make sure the workmanship is first class.


What Are the Different Styles of Kitchens

It’s always the dream to have your kitchen to look like the ones in architecture or interior design magazines, and with some clever thought from our kitchen remodeling experts, we can turn your kitchen ideas and dreams into reality. We are ofen asked what are the different styles of kitchens, so we have outlined some of the latest kitchen styles you might want to consider below.

kitchen design

Minimalist Kitchen Design

The focus of a minimalistic kitchen design is the removal or stashing of as many independent elements as possible and the increase of free, clean space. In other words, there’s nothing much to see in this design, although the basic fixtures such as the sink, fridge, and stove may all be visible. Overall, everything from the furniture to the cabinets must be made from the simplest-looking materials and coated with the least outlandish colours.

kitchen sytle ideas

Modern Kitchen Design

The top choice when it comes to look, the modern kitchen style features frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware and strong horizontal lines. It doesn’t necessarily have to include modern, high-tech appliances, which is a common misconception still going around even in the architect and interior design community. This style is closest to the minimalistic style because it stays away from busy, highly ornamented designs, which in turn allows the natural beauty of its materials to stand out. Keeping independent elements to a minimum is also an essential aspect of this style.

Industrial Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen

One distinct feature of an industrial kitchen style is its busy, manly appearance. It also looks almost the same as the kitchens in many of today’s restaurants. You’ll see open shelving, overhead pot racks in cast iron or stainless steel, and a lot of exposed structural elements, such as water pipes and metal beams.

Rustic Design

Rustic Design

The term “rustic” is often used to refer to objects or places that have a country style ambiance. When it comes to your kitchen, you can achieve this kind of appearance by using a lot of wood and traditional materials. It is characterised by its friendly texture and warm look that you won’t find from modern designs. When you are in a rustic kitchen, you will almost feel like you’ve been teleported to a rural village.

Electric design

Eclectic Design

Perhaps the easiest to define characteristic of an eclectic kitchen style is that it has at least one element typical of a number of the other types of kitchen designs. In other words, it’s a combination of many different types of kitchen design. It’s easy to misconstrue eclectic design as laziness or inability to make up one’s mind but actuality it follows specific design rules, otherwise the final product would be a total visual disaster.

Have you decided which style you want for your future kitchen yet? If you are having difficulty choosing, perhaps it’s time to contact us or book a design consultation with one of the kitchen renovation experts at East West Kitchens. They will have tons of kitchen style ideas to share with you once they see your space, and we’re confident one of those ideas will fit your budget as well.

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